Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Classic cars rated top ‘passion’ investment over the long run

Rare musical instruments are accelerating quickly, but since 2005, collector cars have best met the need for enjoyable investments
From major newspapers and the International Investment newsletter to Musical Instrument Professional, the Coutts Passion Index 2017 has been getting a lot of attention recently. Since 2005, Coutts has tracked various “passion” investments and in its latest report notes that, “Classic cars have provided the healthiest returns (among all ‘passion’ assets) since 2005, with average prices rising more than fourfold.”
However—ah, doesn’t there always seem to be a however?—“after increasing rapidly in 2013 and 2014, returns for Classic Cars fell in both 2015 and 2016.”
Based in England, Coutts has “looked after clients and their wealth for over three centuries,” it notes on its website, adding that during that time it has progressed from bank to investment house to now go “beyond traditional wealth management to explore with our clients the enjoyment of their passions.”

Classic cars rated top ‘passion’ investment over the long run

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

So, just what is a retail market exchange? : SafeSourcing Blog

Quite often ... the question comes up as to what the difference is between a market (retail) exchange and the typical RFI to RFQ process that results in a reverse auction.

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So, just what is a retail market exchange? : SafeSourcing Blog

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November News

Welcome to the November Edition of Surplus.com News & Notes!  This month we look at the best time to list Surplus Assets, creative ways to find buyers, marketing your Surplus stuff domestically and internationally, staging considerations, left overs, overruns, overstock, liquidation, etc.

Ever wonder when is the best time to sell an asset? ALL THE TIME!

And For the last four years on Surplus.com, the  greatest number of assets have  gone under contract in January and February .  There is plenty of time to get ready if you are thinking about a spring list. 

FREE listings up to $2500.00, then very low pricing this year  (2015).

"Buyer- Hunting"

When we are looking for buyers on behalf of my sellers, I leave no stone unturned.  I try to reach them directly through aggressive print, digital and other marketing efforts.  I also work hard to identify Brokers currently looking great deals to purchase and to resell quickly.  One specialty is to find new markets that maybe you did not notice and market there also.  Sell under an assumed name to be recognized and make a new special deal.

Creative marketing and intense networking help find more buyers!  For example, as of this writing, I know the identity of 12 Brokers with buyers who have looked for assets from $25,000-1.5M on my site in the last 30 days.  All a FAST click away, maybe to purchase.  Surplus.com needs your assets to sell, list then!

I want my Seller Companies and Buyers to have every advantage in the marketplace and believe my unique “buyer-hunting” strategies result in a greater pool of potential qualified buyers for their assets. These unconventional methods also provide additional options for the Seller and Buyers.
I want my sellers to have the largest possible buyer pool and have embraced several marketing methods to reach these Domestic and the international buyers. 

Top 6 Staging Tips:
  • Start with a Clean Slate - A thorough clean is in order: deep clean and deodorize everything!
  • Clear the Clutter - "Clutter Kills Equity".  Enough said.
  • Scale Back inventory holding areas to look cleaner and less messed up.
  • Add lights – make it all look great, not dirty and in a holding areas for 25+  years.  
  • The Ultra-Luxury asset Watch!
  • The number of assets for sale over $250,000 is on the rise as of late, possibly a result of the new tax policies recently adopted there. 

BONUS: List it, Sell It, Move it out  before your CPA tells you to.

Go To www.surplus.com, restart today.
David Green, President

See you Next Month!